X,Y Project

X,Y Project is a set of on-chain NFT Plots (X,Y Coordinates) representing a 128x128 GRID.

X,Y Project (Genesis)

A set of 16,384 NFT plots (X,Y Coordinates) stored on-chain, creating a 128x128 GRID. Owners get exclusive access to building games on the platform & digital land in X,Y World.

X,Y World (Live Game)

The first open world metaverse game built on X,Y Project. In-game land is divided into the X,Y Project GRID. Owners get exclusive rights to build on their plots - view map & play free

X,Y World (Associative NFT)

X,Y World is an Associative NFT that automatically updates as you build on your land in-game. Buildings you create & changes you make in-game will show up automatically.

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This website is Open-Source

The X,Y Project is a full set of X,Y Coordinates stored on chain as NFTs, representing a 128x128 grid. X,Y Project is a fun, community-focused metaverse NFT project. Please feel free to use it in any way you want. For example: maps, tiles, locations, games, virtual worlds, and more. Claim X,Y Coordinates, mint X,Y World, issue blockchain transactions, and use the NFTs at your own risk. Full website functionality requries Metamask or a similar wallet plugin. We do not track or store your information. Ownership data is cached and pulled directly from the public Ethereum blockchain. All information on this website is provided "AS IS". The website is open source, free to use and makes no warranties, express, implied or otherwise, regarding its accuracy, completeness or performance. Enjoy the X,Y Project and drop us a line on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions!